Welcome to the F501Ultra,

We all know about the Festive 500, riding 500km between Christmas and New Years eve.
In the spirit of this challenge we came up with this ultra event. We have seen 500km "parties" on Zwift last years, but with large groups.

This event is different, this is a solo ultrarace.



December 28th 9am CET



2021 Winner

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The 2021 winner of the F501Ultra is Andreas Dietrich.

What a great achievement,
We congratulate and salute you for your race!


  • SOLO means no drafting (virtual TT bikes mandatory)
  • Trainer is calibrated and has accuracy of ±2%
  • cut off time is 24hrs
  • Limited participant's (98)

*Participants are fully responsible for stable internet connection and all health related subjects, organization takes no responsibility what so ever.

Cheating will result in disqualification.
Organization will check on participants in varius ways.

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Leuk dat je langs komt. Ik heb geen gevuldekoekjes voor je, dus als dat geen probleem voor je is, klik dan op "Das goed!"